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Artist Portfolio

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Benjamin Hope is a multi-talented artist, known for his captivating performances in the genres of soul, blues, funk, rock, and R&B. Starting his journey as a piano man in the vibrant bars of Montreal, Canada, Benjamin's musical career has been a dynamic one. He has lent his skills and passion to various group and solo projects, including his notable involvement with The Madcaps.

Throughout his artistic journey, Benjamin has honed his craft by embarking on pan-Canadian and European tours, leaving a trail of mesmerized audiences in his wake. Sharing the stage with esteemed artists like Nanette Workman, Lulu Hughes, and Steve Hill has further elevated his reputation in the Quebec music scene.

Currently, Benjamin leads his own soul and blues project, delivering powerful renditions of both popular and lesser-known tunes from the late 60s and early 70s. Complementing these classics are his original compositions, inspired by the soulful sounds of that era. Immerse yourself in Benjamin's captivating vibes by exploring the content below. Read, listen, and watch to experience the magic firsthand.